What's in your toolbox?

Flip the latch, lift the lid and ideally you'll see a shiny hammer, crescent wrench and screw drivers nestled neatly inside. And with no bent nails, rusty pliers or broken coping saw to deal with that well organized toolbox makes your job easier. Your customers deserve that same sense of satisfaction when viewing your company's printed materials.

MileStone Graphics strives to present your information in a clean, organized and eye-catching way. And when useful, to provide the tools needed to best communicate your business: graphs, charts, maps, floor plans and site plans.

What brightens your day?

Flowers planted near the front door, an original oil painting on the wall, the glimmer of jewelry on someone special; we can live without these accessories, but our lives would be mighty bland without them. 

And is there anything more bland than a page full of type? Add visual interest to your copy and accentuate your message with custom art. Clients have used our illustrations in numerous formats: book covers, brochures, packaging, billboards, ads, signs, catalogs,   displays and on manufactured items. 

What makes you proud? 

A dog that points, a gleaming classic car or a beautiful baby that has your nose can give you that glow-with-pride feeling. Why? You earned that feeling by association. Others connect those things to you and in some way they are a representation of you. 

Similarly, your logo is a representation of you. There will always be an association between it, you and your product or service. MileStone Graphics has the skill set to create you a thoughtfully designed logo that will represent you well...and make you proud.